Please note, as of 3/24 we are not able to ship orders due to a state shutdown.
Orders can still be placed on the website, however before doing so please

read though the details of placing orders here

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Bulk Discounts

We have no minimum order amounts required, and provide discounts based on the order total as follows:

  • 3% off $100+
  • 6% off $200+
  • 10% off $400+
  • and 15% off $1,000+
  • over 500 candles – contact us for a better quote – we will work with you to get the best pricing possible
All of the standard % discounts are automatically calculated by our shopping cart.  Just add items and the prices will update as you reach the various order amounts.

Note that larger orders may be cheaper to ship via LTL.  This usually occurs for orders of 500 or more candles, simply contact us and we would be happy to give you a quote!