Lead Times - Pre-Poured Candles = 1-2 Business Days, all others 5-7 Business Days

Sell on Amazon

Looking for a product to sell on Amazon?
We specialize in creating products specifically to cater to Amazon's FBA program and have extensive experience in the FBA process from packing items to reduce damage as well as reducing overall costs for inbound and outbound Amazon shipments.
Packaging items for Amazon starts as low as $1.00 per unit which includes all product packaging, labor and Amazon inventory barcode requirements!
In order to get started we will ask you a few questions:

  • Have you sold on Amazon before?
    • If not no worries, but we want to make sure you understand the details around it. They charge $39.99 per month, and each individual unit requires a UPC code to set up new products.
    • Check out Amazon's website here for more specifics:

    • What do you want to sell?
      • We suggest 1 candle at least 8oz in size
      • Or - a "multi-pack" of smaller candles could work as well
      • Generally we can pack a candle 16oz or smaller in a 6x4x4 box that weighs less than 2 pounds for FBA saving you on Amazon shipping costs

      • Do you already have a label or an idea for one in mind?
        • Most times we would suggest using a 3rd party printer to supply us with labels for your candles. We can print in-house, but we use a laser printer meaning a 3rd party printer has many more options for sizes, full bleed, etc.

        • What is your budget/expected selling price?
          • We can help estimate your FBA costs to ensure your product can be profitable

          • Keep in mind Amazon Ads costs, Amazon Vine and Brands - these tools can be expensive up front, but drive long term success for you and your brand.


            Contact us today to get more info and being shipping items to Amazon in as little as 1 week!

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